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Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Ajax, ON
Tree Removal in Ajax, ON

Most people think that all we do is tree removal because of our name. At Tree Service Ajax, Inc. we do a little of everything. However, we do get a lot of tree removal jobs. 

Having a dead or damaged tree on your property is very unsightly. No one wants to have that in their yard. Especially because when a tree starts to die, it drops pieces all over onto the ground. It becomes a big mess and a headache — no one wants that.

Tree removal can be very dangerous so be sure to always call on a professional for help. Preferably someone who is licensed and insured. We guarantee that our arborists at Tree Service Ajax, Inc., are experienced and knowledgeable about all trees and plants that we encounter.

Included in the price of your tree removal is the actual hauling away of the material. Some of our competitors charge extra for hauling materials to the dump, but not us! When we remove a tree, we complete the job, not half of it. 

When it is time to remove a tree, it must be because it is required. Just because it doesn’t look good in your yard anymore is not a good enough reason. Basically, if it has become a hazard to others or your property. 

Some things to look for:

  • decaying tree
  • damaged tree
  • diseased tree
  • overgrown tree making the area unsafe

If you see any of these signs, please contact our team for help. We will be out to you as soon as possible — especially if it is an emergency situation.