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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Ajax, ON
Stump Grinding Ajax, ON

How terrible is it to have a huge stump hanging out in your yard or landscape? Very! When you run into this situation, call Tree Service Ajax, Inc. We can come out and get rid of the eyesore for you at a reasonable price. What are you waiting for?

Did you cut down a tree in your yard by yourself? Then when it came time to deal with the stump, you didn’t have the right tools? We see this often. Having a leftover stump in your yard is not only ugly but dangerous too. How would you feel if your child stumbled over it while tossing the ball?

Our team of experts has all the equipment to make that stump a thing of the past. Our tools are state of the art. We are able to grind that stump of yours down to nothing. We will take the base to a couple of inches below ground level. This way you can change it to whatever you want it to be with ease. 

Another good reason to call us to get rid of your stump? It can harbor insects and pests. No one wants a pest problem where they live or work. But if you leave the stump there for a long period of time, it will become home to unwanted guests. 

When you hire us, we will arrive and get right to work. Clearing the surrounding area is the first order of business. Then we will unload our machines and equipment and get to work. In no time, you will have a beautiful blank spot where the stump used to be. You can now update it however you’d like. When the job is through, we will clean up the area so it looks better than when we arrived. We promise you won’t be disappointed.