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Pruning in Ajax, ON
Pruning in Ajax, ON

At Tree Service Ajax, Inc. we take pruning very seriously. Trimming back trees and plants has benefits if it is done correctly. Contact us to have a tech come out to your home or business to provide some advice and an estimate. 

Know that when pruning is done, it can change the shape of a plant as well as its growth path. Meaning that it could take on a very different shape if one is not knowledgeable about pruning techniques. When a tree or shrub is first planted, it is imperative that it is properly pruned. This will prevent many problems in the future.

When we come out to prune, we will remove any dead or dying branches. Anything that is damaged by insects, diseases, or storms will be eliminated. Also, any branches that are rubbing against each other must be taken off too. We don’t want to ruin the structural integrity of the hedge or tree. Keeping them growing for years to come is our goal.

When pruning your landscape, we want to make the appearance to become improved. It may look a little cut back at first, but it will grow in nicely. 

Our team always uses the correct tools for every job. Some plants and trees require just some pruning shears, while some need the chainsaw. Our experienced technician will inspect your plants and make sure we have everything needed to perform the job correctly.

The next time you need your landscape tightened up, contact Tree Service Ajax, Inc. to come out and assist. We would love to get your yard or business landscape looking fresh and new.